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June 21
Topic  ~ Local Issues~
Fresno EOC
Valley Apprenticeship Connector
Brandon Baines
Outreach Liaison

June 28
Topic~ Consumer Law~
PD Spot Shooter Division?
Local Gun Laws
July 5th
Talks Fresno is Growing
We need more Stand up Comedy

Executve Dir. Lori Hunter
The Discovery Center, Fresno
Exhibits & Camp

July 19th-
Topic~ Community Issues
Fresno/Clovis Convention & Visitors Bureau

July 26th
Topic~ Consumer Law
Let's Fight Back Crime! Learn How
Central Blackstone Ave Merchants Association, President AJ Rassamni & Local Businesses are Doing! 
August 2nd
Topic ~ Arts & Entertainment
Hannah & Ben Anderson
Dancer & Artist 

August 9th
Topic ~Health & Education
Mary Wienholz- Haskin
Resurecting Neighborhood Watch
Learn how you can start one!!!

August 16th
~Topic~ Community Issues
John Gliatta-Public role & function -Independent Review  Fresno Police Department (FPD) by providing neutral, third-party 

August 23rd
Topic~ Community Issues
Brooks Cornell, 
Campus Director, Central Valley
University of Phoenix 

August 30th
Topic ~ Consumer Law 
 Atty Kendall-Simsarian
Talks Bikes & Motorcycle 
September 6th
Topic ~ Arts & Entertainment
Lance Canales
 Latinos In Show Biz
Singing to Central Cali! 

September 13th
Topic ~Health & Education
Veterans Public Affairs
Will McCullough talks our local Stand Down, Women's Stand Up and Veterans Day in Central Cali!  

September 20th
~Topic~ Community Issues
Charles Taylor 
Emilia Free Foundation
Get know the signs of P.A.S.
Parental Alienation Syndrome
It's Real! 

September 27
Topic~ Local Veterans
Richard Saldivar, Unit Director for West Fresno Boys & Girls Club
Re-opens with a Zest for more!
October 4th
Topic~Arts & Entertainment
-CMAC's Newest Producer!
Doc 33 TV

October 11th
Topic ~Health & Education
Meet Nelson Esparza let's talk District Representation

October 18 
Topic ~ Community Issues
Let's Get to Know Local Candidates
Background & Charcters by
John Estrada 

October 25th
Topic ~ Consumer Law
City Council-Esmeralda Soria
Latinas Community Impact & Our future Congress Woman..
November  1st-
Topic~Arts & Entertainmentent
Miikki Addison Parental Guide Writer

November 8th
Topic ~Health & Education
Elena Rios
CBD uses & general discussion

November 15th
~Topic~ Community Issues
​Disable & Homeless Veteran Advocate-Yonas Paulo
Talks about local Veterans

November 22nd
​Topic~ Historical &Consumer Law Minster & Spirital Dancer
Sharon William
Spiritaltity In Central California

November 27th
Edna & Smiley debrief 
2019 Community Issues 
​Edna's BD &
Happy Thanksgiving
December 6th
Topic~Arts & Entertainment
Meet Writer & Artist
Melanie Glass

December 13th​
Topic~Health & Education
Kyle- Swede Fest
Edna & Elean Rios
December 20th
~Topic~ Community Issues
Tyler Maxwell
City Council Candidate

Lets Discuss Impeachment
John Estrada

December 27th
Topic~Historical & Consumer Law
Cathy Gardener
Fresno Wildlife Rehabilitation
First quarter calendar of Events 
Janet Sumner SW Fresno Specials for 2020 ?
Thanks to all the Speakers​
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Happy New Year

​​​​​​Mission ~   Bring people together where the "media curious" can choose to volunteer and get "Hands-on-Experience" while working with local Historical content. They may choose to listen to others learning experiences, exchange ideas in film editing, filming, and find resources, tools, and the know-how to create their own media mechanism.  Copyright 2017.  Registered Trademark, Int. Cls. 41. All Rights Reserved. Filed.

  ​​​ Yo Soy! Media Inc. CEO-Founder

​​Edna Carol Collins 21 with her Father Rafael "Ralph" Serna Colin 1976 at Fresno Holiday Inn a volunteer participant at a fashion show fundraiser. My endless inspiration and supporter, who attended school 18 months learning English as he practiced to be a priest.  Dad quickly understood the importance of school and a positive attitude!  Thanks, Dad for never giving up on encouraging me to be a Star!  ​​​​​​​​​
Life in our marvelous Central California was not easy for those of us Mexicans having to be farm labor due to the Bracero Program.   Angelina C. Contreras, mother, was highly traumatized, never to recover, and is bitter to this day.


Raw discrimination.  She was born an American citizen yet mistreated and told she had to work in the field. Her mom would tell her to keep her face down so the patron would not recognize her age.

Angelina refused to be sold, traded for supplies, furnishings or money as she had watched her older sister being given to an older man. This women of color, independent thinker, made a radical move to save herself, at 14, by leaving home in 1947. No longer would she endure her step father's beatings,  continued enslavement to work in the fields and not being allowed to attend school. 

 ​ Angelina Contreras 1949 -Age 16   Babysitting to earn her keep. ​​

 Graduate FCC 1985- Certified In Home Health Care 

Myself I worked in the grape fields of Fresno from nine years of age to 13. My Dad resuced me, after grape picking season, arranging a part time position at the Hacienda Hotel as the first busgirl & hat check for banquet events.  I had shared with him I wanted to attend college and study psycology or business. 

This was the year Woodstock was the go to concert, first time I attended YWCA summer Camp, brought a mini skirt and began modeling school and started high school, 1969.  I started with high hopes not knowing what might happen along this tough journey... graduating from CSU Fullerton with a BA in 2005.  I was one of three 50+ year old's, the only returing student after a 18 years break... life and responsiblities get in the way... one must keep ​their own promises. 

The journey story later, along the way I did complete vocational training in 1980-81. As an executive secretary I worked for a special interest coporation in downtown L. A.. This helped pay  for living expenses as  I attended Paralegal courses, graduating from Rio Hondo with a certified AS degree in 1986.  Being a curious person I didn't stop learning other skills through on-the-job training and shadowing a few encouraging executives.

My father had a great interest in photography and Hollywood, since he began working as a bus boy at the Brown Derby. Dad progressed being invited to work  as apprentice waiter at the Coconut Grove in the 50's. Yes, he served Eddie Fisher, Liz Taylor & Marilyn all the beautiful people of this era, he even attended an Academy Awards ceremony. This was my first impression of photography and film... many stories. 
Know a small amount of encourgament and support goes a life time.  You don't need a bunch of fancy equipment and million dollar phd's just your own focus to achieve goals.  
Yo Soy can live stream at your place.  How? You furnish the appetizers and beverages. Get ready to practice your elevator speech. Or Our panelist can do a show at your place.  We will air you and give a 360* view of your location during the program. Be the Host with the Most ... Donate $300 to Yo Soy! Media Curious Fund, proof of donation given.  Allow a three-week notice to schedule onto the monthly calendar.​         


Yo Soy Neighborhood, Fresno Talk Show is sharing information by various local neighbors. Below is a list of our new live stream shows completed in  2019. We are volunteers, new to Studio production and still learning. We can take your critisim, comments, suggestions, below send a message.  Let us know!

June 7
Bryan Harley, CMAC, 


June 14
Jon Morse Sr. MA
Big Picture Charter HS~

June 23
Fresno PD Field CommanderDooley~

Note: This is a Free Speech spot everyone is welcomed. All we ask is you not swear so we don't lose our primetime spot. Please call express yourself in any of the 128 lanugages spoken in Central California.  If your language is not represented we can use your translator over the livestream so you may have a voice. ​​​​​​​​​​

Heading 2

Yo Market! Coming back soon!! 
Heading 2

YO MARKET!  Entertainment

Booth Sales Now
5-9 PM
Unique Handmade Items
Food Trucks
Gently used & New Items Items 

Must Post Business Lic. and/or
Health Lic. Food
Advance  Pay online use PayPal  at or
Bi Monthly Mixers 
November 16th  6 PM 
Sponsored by The Discovery Center
January - Discvery Center
March -Discovery Center
Yearly  Fundraiser 
Party and Competition 
~Golf Tournament~ 
~Yearly Dance ~

~Volunteer Panelist Crietera ~
We accept any neighbor who is open and acceptiing of all other neighbors. This is a person without discrimination, bias or selective for any reason.  Those who can work with a variety of people from various countries and customs throughout the world. Neighborhood Passion-Panelist Independent & Brave and it would be nice if they Speak any of these Languages but not necessary to be a panelist. There are more than 128 Nationalities repreesnted & LBGTQ & Bikers & others within each culture. We accept you and  want to hear your story too! All are welcomed.  Lanuages listed  are the majority.

Be a Guest Neighbor
Arts, Health, Education, Local Issues or Consumer Law & Historic  

Studio or
Our panelist can go to your PLACE too! 
Fee charged.

​​Yo Soy! Media Inc. ~ Volunteer System​​

Our inclusive system allows any skill level Media Curious to work with individuals who can challenge their personal ability.  Through the volunteer-membership beginners, those who are already trained, or exploring entering the industry or keep up with new equipment and software. You will pay a quarterly fee of $25.

This low-cost outlet will give options to keep your skill level in tune while networking and enjoying discounts to attend events. ​​

Beginners may choose to pay for an inexpensive course, then practice using our content. They may join us just to learn using "hands-on" rough practice as their assigned supporter helps work with the member. Repetition and use of the tools and skills will be tested weekly at a venue, in-studio production or editing film or learning how to setup the Live Stream Talk Show or a Vodcast. 

The system allows for a cross-section of various personalities, ages, skill levels the opportunity to enhance their media knowledge. Group offerings for children to any adult any age.  

Direct Teams will provide assistance to their assigned groups. Personalized one-on-one support and training is offered to each YSMI member. Request for specific types of the practice session, productions, and other Media questions can be answered through direct participation, podcast, competitions and  Meet Ups. 

The Current List of  Media Curious ! 


My personal experience is formal education is great and wonderful to accomplish getting a degree in hand. Some folks are not finacially able to select a path of higher education,  yet they do have interests and goals.  Opportunity is at every turn of your life, yes there will be nay sayer, jealousy, competition... I experience this to this day.

Hold your head high, become a volunteer in something personally interesting to you, grow with the organization. Our life participation teaches us what life can be. You might be surprised to find a life long occupation as you help another! 


Donor Information Re Participant Needs  ​​

​​​​​​Each Participant has the opportunity to recieve a certificate of completion noting work hour experience. They are also required to sign a contract of cooperation and requirements to be award the items noted below.   

During the course of training and upon completion of the volunteer program each person will receive their assigned tools permanently to continue with practice and better yet have the independent ability to support themselves!  

Total Retail Pricing Items is ~ $3,750 - $4,000
* Apple Laptop or Desktop
* Screen 
* One Year Premiere 
* One Year Internet Service
* Basic Starter Supply Kit 
* Six Month YSMI Membership 
* CMAC Membership upon request 
* Starter Used Cannon Camera 
* Continuing Education Stipend -   Must Apply 

Power, Education, Media: Join Yo Soy Media Inc as a volunteer.

● LEARN new skills in media!
● NETWORK with local leaders!
● GROW your resume and career!

Work as a  volunteer to get hands on experience with filming, film editing, interviewing, bringing ideas to life and other administrative processes. Be confident someone is here to help you create a short film, AD or commercial... do it yourself! Start off with allowing your family to become involved in the process by documenting your families personal journey.

Media, Connections, Community:  Join Yo Soy Media Inc as a member.

● NETWORK with rising talent!
● SAVE on media production costs!
● SHARE your skills and knowledge!

Work as a  volunteer get  hands on experience get support and encourgement. Our Team has experience in   filming, film editing, interviewing, bringing ideas to life and other administrative processes. Be confident someone is here to help you create a short film, AD or commercial... do it yourself! Start off with allowing your family to become involved in the process by documenting your families personal journey. 

This is my today use of photography and film. The satisfaction of acheiving goals to accomplish understanding I can be one of the many artistic people living in Central California.  My contributions may not be as grand as some folks about the town but yet I hope they are impactful to those I can assist and encourage through my life journey as others helped me. 
Please use this box to communicate your interest as a Volunteer, Media Curious, Team Membership, Podcast Guest Speaker or Commercial Client or  just voice what you wants us to know. We will accomodate as best we can. 

Historical      Interviews 
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Keep your Domain Safe and yours! ICANN can help or Narek Avetisyan- Business Attorney will help get it back! 

Yo Soy! Media Inc ~ Nonprofit 501(c) (3)

Yo Soy! Media Inc. is a California registered nonprofit historical documenting organization. We help you tell your Central California story through a personalized interview film.  We have created a low-no cost platform for our ten-county Central Californians to document their past, present, future, personal, family, business or community contributions.

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Suggestion, Questions, Submit Articles Please Contact Us 

YSMI & YS Are willing to listen to any suggestions and will accomodate as best we can. 
This is a nonprofit organzation all monies accepted are non refundable.