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Central California's Ten Counties
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Learn: Film, Production, Graphics, Infographics, Graphic Art & web design
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Yo Soy! Media Inc.’s vision is to share information, tools, and skills in media and publishing, including filming, graphics, infographics, graphic arts, digital advertising, marketing creation and management of social media platforms through shadowing and volunteer work. As a result, we produce Yo Soy! Magazine which brings vibrant stories focusing on entrepreneurs, visionaries and community activists from the 10 counties that are known as the Central Valley.​​​
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Power, Education, Media: 
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Media, Connections, Community: 
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● LEARN new skills in media!
● NETWORK with local leaders!
● GROW your resume and career!​
Work as a volunteer to get hands on experience with filming, film editing, interviewing, bringing ideas to life and other administrative processes. Be confident someone is here to help you create a short film, AD or commercial... do it yourself! Start off with allowing your family to become involved in the process by documenting your families personal journey. ​
● NETWORK with rising talent!
● SAVE on media production costs!
● SHARE your skills and knowledge!
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